5 running workouts that will be big in 2014


The fitness world loves a good trend; in 2013, we dabbled with barefoot running, flirted with hot yoga and dipped our toes into aqua zumba. We runners tend to be more traditional and stick with tried and tested workouts, but failing to mix up your training can ruin your chance of a personal best.

Here are five workouts that could revolutionise the way we train this year.

Tell us what running workouts you’ll be attempting in 2014 and see what other bugs will be attempting here

1. High Intensity Interval Training

High Intensity Interval Training (or HIIT) is predicted to be the top fitness trend of 2014. Involving short bursts of intense activity (usually 10-60 seconds) separated by recoveries roughly four times as long, the entire session can usually be completed in under 30 minutes.

How can HIIT boost your running? You can pack a great workout into a short time, perfect for busy runners. The benefits don’t stop there; by working out more intensely than normal you’ll activate muscle fibres you wouldn’t normally use. Bottom line, you’ll get fitter in less time.

Try this: Run hard for 15-20 seconds, take a minutes rest and then repeat 8-10 times. The intervals are intense so proceed with caution if you are new to running and ensure you warm up thoroughly beforehand.

2. Pimp your long run

Do super intense intervals spell the end for the long run? No way. The long run has numerous benefits for runners; it’s the best way to improve your endurance and also strengthens your body to cope with the demands of faster training. However, if you want to boost your speed, long runs with ‘stuff’ will become your best friend in 2014.

This upgrade provides all the benefits of the usual long run and more. Adding ‘surges’ into the latter stages of your long run is a great way to get started whilst not being overly demanding to the newer runner.

Try this: Run your usual long run distance and in the last 1/3 add in 5 to 6 faster segments where you push the pace for 30-45 seconds. Recover in between by returning to an easy pace.

3. Progression Run

2014 is all about easing into your workouts. A progression run involves gradually increasing the pace of your run throughout. This type of run has numerous benefits for runners; you’ll prevent injury as you’ll be fully warmed up by the time you push the pace and you’ll improve your ability to speed up in the latter half of a race.

A progression run suits all abilities; beginners can use it as an introduction to speed work and seasoned professionals like Mo Farah use this type of training to practise racing strategy.

Try this: Split your usual run distance into three: if you would normally run for 30 minutes, run the first third very easy, the second at a decent pace and the third at a harder pace than you usually do.

4. Two in One Workouts

It’s all about time efficiency in 2014. With a combo workout you can develop two aspects of your fitness at once. We suggest combining tempo and intervals to get the benefits of both these great types of training in one super session.

This workout is perfect for all abilities as you can choose the length of your intervals and tempo to suit your experience level. If you are aiming for shorter distances like a 5k, you might want to add in more speed and if you are concentrating more on longer distances you might want to add in more tempo.

Try this: Run for 6-10 minutes at a tempo pace and then, after a 3 minute rest, follow it with 6-10 times 1 minute of hard running, followed by a 1 minute rest.

5. Bodyweight strength training for running

Body weight training is set to be one of the biggest trends of 2014; it requires no equipment, you can do it anywhere and it doesn’t cost a thing.

The benefits of strength training for runners are now being realised; Mo Farah’s strength program has been credited as one of the main reasons for his success. Body weight training can be a great introduction for strength training newbies but still has benefits for the experienced. Make your body your gym with runner specific exercises like planks, lunges, burpees and squats.


source : http://www.runningbug.com


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